This week a federal court in Michigan dismissed a lawsuit by the ACLU attempting to force a Catholic hospital system to perform abortions.

Alliance Defending Freedom writes,

“A federal court Monday threw out an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit that sought to force a Catholic hospital system and its staff to commit abortions regardless of their religious and pro-life objections. . . . .

“The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, in its dismissal order in American Civil Liberties Union v. Trinity Health Corporation called the ACLU’s claims of harm from the hospital system’s pro-life position ‘dubious,’ explaining that they haven’t satisfied the legal requirements to demonstrate such harm and therefore bring a lawsuit.”

This is dismissal great news. In general, this case highlights the importance of allowing religious institutions–like faith-based hospitals–to operate according to their deeply-held religious convictions. However, it also shows the lengths to which some groups will go to try to force doctors and healthcare professionals to perform abortions.

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