daily_commentary_05_03_16Our friends at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview recently released a commentary by John Stonestreet on new evidence that Planned Parenthood clinics profited from the harvest and sale of baby body parts.

Recent hearings at the congressional Select Panel on Infant Lives have exposed this evidence.

Stonestreet writes,

It’s important to know that a 1993 federal statute prohibits the sale of fetal tissue. However, witnesses called during this month’s hearing say abortion providers have ignored that law for decades, encouraging and profiting from a market in human body parts.

Here’s how the process works: Researchers at companies like Stem Express pay procurement technicians to shop around abortion clinics for suitable specimens. They obtain consent from the patients, and inform the clinic staff, who kill the unborn child and harvest its tissue. The technician then packages and transports the body parts to the customer, records invoices, and makes sure the clinic is paid.

. . . .

[O]ne customer paid over $3,000 for a fetal brain. Another opted for a bulk discount, buying thirty-eight tiny brains for $22,000.

You can read Stonestreet’s full commentary here, or listen to it below.

[audio:http://www.breakpoint.org/images/content/breakpoint/audio/2016/050316_BP.mp3|titles=Planned Parenthood Under Investigation]