According to a report published last week, the Arkansas Lottery budgeted less than eighteen cents of every dollar it made for scholarships in November.

The Arkansas Lottery grossed over $37 million in November, but paid less than $6.6 million in scholarships. That’s about 17.7% of the Lottery’s gross revenue.

Unfortunately this is not a new story. Month after month, year after year we have seen the Arkansas Lottery budget pathetic amounts of money for scholarships.

Below is a breakdown of the numbers so far for Fiscal Year 2017, which began last summer.

Month Gross Lottery Revenue Paid to Scholarships % Gross Revenue
July $38,237,293.92 $8,714,386.39 22.8%
August 35,091,022.09 5,498,714.86 15.7%
September 33,113,391.64 5,773,076.42 17.4%
October 34,061,993.14 5,165,040.54 15.2%
November 37,042,079.72 6,570,979.51 17.7%
Total $177,545,780.51 $31,722,197.72 17.9%