Last week the Arkansas Lottery released its financial reports for the month of October.

The reports show the Arkansas Lottery took in more than $57.5 million last month. However it paid less than $11.3 million for scholarships — less than 20 cents out of every dollar it made.

State lotteries prey on the poor and pull tens of millions of dollars out of the state economy.

Below is a breakdown of lottery revenue and scholarship funding so far this fiscal year.

Month Gross Lottery Revenue Paid to Scholarships % Gross Revenue
July $42,413,352.70 $5,066,628.73 11.9%
August 40,343,279.62 6,175,998.40 15.3%
September 35,198,809.72 7,783,450.82 22.1%
October 57,575,285.62 11,259,040.31 19.6%
Total $175,530,727.66 $30,285,118.26 17.3%