Today the Arkansas Senate passed @.B. 340 by Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson (R-Little Rock) prohibiting “wrongful birth” lawsuits.

In other states parents of children born with Down Syndrome and similar conditions have sued doctors and hospitals, claiming that the child should have been aborted. In some cases, couples have collected millions of dollars in these lawsuits.

Currently, Arkansas has no law regarding “wrongful birth” lawsuits, but state court decisions seem to permit them in certain circumstances.

Human life is sacred. No one should be able to file a lawsuit claiming another person should have been killed.

S.B. 340 is a good, pro-life bill that affirms the sanctity of human life. The bill now goes to the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Below is a breakdown of the senate vote on S.B. 340:

Voted FOR S.B. 340 (29 Senators)

Bledsoe Bond Caldwell E. Cheatham A. Clark Collins-Smith
J. Cooper J. Dismang L. Eads J. English Files Flippo
T. Garner J. Hendren Hester Hickey J. Hutchinson Irvin
B. Johnson Maloch Rapert Rice B. Sample D. Sanders
Standridge G. Stubblefield Teague D. Wallace E. Williams

Voted Against S.B. 340 (0 Senators)


Voted “Present” (3 Senators)

L. Chesterfield Elliott S. Flowers

Did Not Vote (2 Senators)

K. Ingram U. Lindsey

Excused from Voting (1 Senator)

B. King