The editors at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published an op-ed today that is nothing short of brilliant.

The editorial, which I encourage you to read by clicking here, it titled, “The abortionist’s song.” It addresses U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker’s decision to enjoin four good, pro-life laws the Arkansas Legislature passed earlier this year.

The editors open the column by writing,

It could be a Roman spectacle, only instead of the madding crowd cheering as Christians are fed to the lions, Arkansas’ abortionists are hailing a federal judge’s opinion halting certain abortion restrictions on the least and most innocent of these, the unborn. Their lives will continue to be snuffed out even before they first see the light of day. Not only is this darkness so thick it can be felt now to descend on this state’s jurisprudence, but–irony of ironies–it is hailed as a bright shining light.

The beginning of wisdom may be to call things by their right names, but this ruling by a federal judge mistakes abortion for a new freedom: the freedom to kill. The ruling by Her Honor Kristine Baker kept three new anti-abortion laws from taking effect in this increasingly (un)Natural State. . . .

Talk about powerful! This is a column every pro-life Arkansan needs to read. Pick up a copy of today’s paper, or click here to read it online.