August 30, 2017 | Posted in Gambling | By

In Family Council’s September update letter, we highlighted the proliferation of illegal gambling houses in Arkansas.

With the exception of the state lottery and the casinos and racetracks in Hot Springs and West Memphis, Arkansas law generally prohibits gambling.

However, we are hearing more reports of illegal gambling houses opening in some parts of Arkansas.

This week authorities in Jefferson County raided two suspected gambling houses–and they indicated other raids could happen in the future.

From what we have gleaned so far, one of these gambling houses appears to have been located in or near an old gas station; the other appears to have been located in a former or current bar or liquor store.

If you suspect a gambling house is operating in your community, please notify your local authorities. Then call us at (501) 375-7000.

Jerry is the founder and president of Family Council. He began Family Council in 1989 after a successful effort to amend the Arkansas Constitution to prevent the use of public funds for abortions. He and his wife reside in Little Rock. They have four sons.