Private sector salaries for publicly-funded jobs.

That’s the type of high-level payouts the Arkansas Lottery Commission is offering to potential candidates for the following 34 positions.  According to the Lottery Commission’s new website, employees of Arkansas’ state-run lottery will be paid as follows:

ASL Accountant/Fiscal Analyst
Salary: $41,159 to $43,693

ASL Administrative Analyst

Salary: $31,052 to $40,367

ASL Administrative Support Specialist
Salary: $26,824

ASL Administrative Support Supervisor
Salary: $28,165 to $45,064

ASL Advertising & Marketing Director
Salary: $104,067 to $130,084

ASL Controller
Salary: $70,304 to $87,880

ASL Copy Editor
Salary: $34,234 to $44,505

ASL Claims Assistant
Salary: $26,824 to $34,871

ASL Claims Center Manager
Salary: $43,693 to 55,490

ASL Communications and Application Support Specialist
Salary: $47,646 to $62,719

ASL Computer Operator
Salary: $28,165 to $36,614

ASL Draw Manager (Part-time)
Salary: $20 an hour

ASL Graphic Specialist
Salary: $29,573 to $47,317

ASL Graphic Web Coordinator
Salary: $34,234 to $44,505

ASL Human Resources Generalist
Salary: $41,612 to $64,915

ASL Human Resources Manager
Salary: $64,554 to $76,819

Information Technology Gaming Director
Salary: N/A

ASL IT Security Analyst
Salary: $58,553 to $89,796

ASL Internal Auditor
Salary: N/A

ASL Licensing Specialist
Salary: $31,052 to $40,367

ASL Marketing & Sales Representative
Salary: $37,332 to $40,000

ASL Paralegal
Salary: $53,109 to $65,324

ASL Product Manager
Salary: $73,116 to $82,256

ASL Promotion and Special Events Manager
Salary: $45,377 to $48,171

ASL Postal Courier
Salary: $24,330 to $31,142

ASL Promotion and Special Events Coordinator
Salary: $34,234

ASL Quality Assurance Systems Analyst
Salary: $58,553 to $70,849

Banking, Claims & Licensing Director (Treasurer)
Salary: $122,914 to $138,279

Retailer, Key Account and Training Director
Salary: N/A

ASL Director of Sales and Retailer Relations
Salary: $104,080 to $115,644

ASL Regional Sales Manager
Salary: $73,116

ASL Security Deputy
Salary: $82,246 to $92,526

ASL Security Specialist
Salary: $37,332 to $51,124

ASL Senior Database Administrator
Salary: $64,554 to $89,085

Minimum Total Salaries: $1,552,004
Maximum Total Salaries: $1,903,553

In other words, if you think the lottery salaries have been exorbitant so far, just wait! There’s still another $1.5 – 2 million that’s going to be lining someone’s pockets over at the Lottery Commission’s headquarters.

Please note that I did not include the Draw Manager’s pay since that position is hourly and part-time, and there wasn’t anything revealed in the job description that would help me do a decent estimate. Something more important to be aware of are the positions that don’t have salaries posted: Information Technology Gaming Director, Internal Auditor and Retailer, Key Account and Training Director. No doubt these positions will have high salaries, too.

The concerns of people who were against the lottery from the very beginning are being reinforced, and those who supported the lottery as a way to grant scholarships are thinking: “More money for the commission means less money for students.” Either way, it seems Arkansans are waking up to the reality that the lottery needs tighter regulation. It’s unfortunate that this wasn’t dealt with during the legislative session with a better lottery bill–if this had been the case, we might not be dealing with these problems now.