Seven out of ten of the candidates who refused to complete our survey for the Arkansas Voter’s Guide did not get elected on Tuesday.

It’s an interesting fact to consider.  In this day and age, voters want to know where their candidates really stand on important issues.  Candidates who refuse to complete our survey are typically candidates who don’t want to talk about their convictions and beliefs.  However, it’s looking more and more like you can’t do that and still get elected to office anymore.

Every election year, we try to figure out how we’re going to make the Arkansas Voter’s Guide bigger and better than ever.  Two things never change, however: Our commitment to providing the very best non-partisan candidate information in Arkansas, and the fact that some candidates—despite our repeated phone calls, emails, letters, and faxes—still refuse to complete our candidate survey.

Well, it seems the voters have spoken.  They want candidates who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and express their opinion on key issues.  They want to know who it is their electing to represent them.  And the candidates who aren’t willing to do so seem to be getting left behind.