As we wrote last week, the 2014 Arkansas Voter’s Guide is now online. Anyone in Arkansas can see how candidates running for office answered our survey questions simply by going to However, we realize sometimes it is convenient to have a hard copy of the guide. That’s why for a limited time you can order printed copies of the voter’s guide absolutely free.

Ordering a printed voter’s guide makes it easy to:

  • Show the guide to friends at work;
  • Share with your church or Sunday school class; and
  • Distribute at social or political group meetings;

The Arkansas Voter’s Guide is not partisan and is 100% 501(c)(3)-compliant, meaning churches and ministers can share it with their congregants. Because the guide does not favor one candidate over another, any voter should be able to use it to cast an informed vote, regardless of their political affiliation.

Click here to order printed copies of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide today. If you have any questions, please call our office at (501) 375-7000.