Last week we received 75,000 fresh copies of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide from the printer’s office. This morning we shipped nearly 10,000 copies of the guide to voters and churches all over the state.

We are working hard to give away as many copies of the guide as we can. If you have not ordered your free copy of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide, now is an excellent time to do so.

Early voting starts next week, so now is the time to find out where candidates stand on important issues. Click here to order.

You can see the Arkansas Voter’s Guide online at, and you can click here to request printed copies of our nonpartisan guide (free of charge) for you, your friends and family, your church, your Sunday school class, your Bible study group–whoever!

If you have any questions about the guide, feel free to give us a call at (501) 375-7000.