On Monday Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge rejected a proposed state constitutional amendment establishing four casinos in Arkansas.

The proposal is similar to one the A.G.’s office rejected last month.

Supporters of the measure want to circulate petitions to place the amendment on the November ballot. If passed, the amendment would authorize casinos in Jefferson, Garland, Crittenden, and Pope counties.

The measure also would legalize sports betting at these casinos if federal laws against sports betting change.

The A.G.’s office said the amendment’s popular name was too long to be useful and that its ballot title did not accurately reflect the measure.

The A.G.’s office also noted that the ballot title itself appeared too long. In the past courts have indicated that ballot titles must be short enough that voters can read and understand them in a reasonable amount of time while in the voting booth.

We applaud Attorney General Rutledge and her team for rejecting this casino amendment. Gambling is a blight on the community. It preys on the poor and hurts families. These are problems Arkansas simply does not need.

You can read the Attorney General’s entire decision here.