LITTLE ROCK, ARK.—On Thursday Family Council released its voter’s guide for the 2018 Arkansas General Election.

Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement, saying, “I am pleased to announce the 2018 Arkansas Voter’s Guide from Family Council is available. We surveyed candidates for state and federal office. We asked them to respond to ten survey questions and three short answer questions covering everything from abortion and marriage to economics and gun legislation. This will help voters understand where candidates stand on a wide variety of issues.”

Cox said the 2018 Arkansas Voter’s Guide includes summaries of all five issues that will appear on the November ballot as well. “Ballot proposals often get overlooked, but they’re very important. Candidates come up for re-election time and again, but if a ballot proposal passes, it rarely appears on the ballot again. It becomes a permanent part of the Arkansas Constitution or Arkansas law. It’s important that voters understand the proposals they are being asked to vote on. We believe the 2018 Arkansas Voter’s Guide helps them do that.”

Cox noted the 2018 Arkansas Voter’s Guide is nonpartisan and free to anyone who requests a copy of it. “We want to help Arkansans cast informed votes. The Arkansas Voter’s Guide does not favor one candidate over another. Family Council does not endorse candidates. We simply ask the candidates where they stand on issues Arkansans care about, and then we share the candidates’ responses with voters. We also have included contact information voters can use to contact candidates who chose not to complete our survey. Anyone can request copies of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide. All they have to do is call our office in Little Rock at (501) 375-7000, and we will send them as many guides as they need. Voters also can see candidates’ survey responses online at”

Family Council is a conservative education and research organization based in Little Rock.