Last week, legislation was filed that effectively would legalize physician-assisted suicide in Arkansas. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee opposes the bill.

Governor Huckabee’s full statement against the proposal reads,

“Legislation recently introduced in the AR General Assembly to allow doctors to legally kill people with what is believed to be a terminal illness is shocking and disturbing and hopefully will be a “terminally ill” piece of legislation.  To invite medical doctors who have taken an oath to “do no harm” to intentionally kill someone is revolting.  Helping terminally ill patients with comfort and dignity is admirable and hospice groups provide compassionate and honorable assistance in a person’s last days, but I sincerely pray that Arkansas does not join the parade in a culture of death that believes that intentional killing of another innocent human, be it an unborn child or a terminally ill person is an act worthy of civilized people.”

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