The pro-life laws we help pass don’t just stop abortion. They save lives.

Our team has analyzed state reports from the Arkansas Department of Health that show how many abortions are performed in Arkansas each year, what procedures abortionists use, how old the unborn children were when they were aborted, and other important information.

Using that data, along with other publicly available data, we’ve estimated the number of lives some of Arkansas’ newest pro-life laws will save each year, if they are enforced properly. We have tried to keep our estimates conservative.

Act 493 (Banning abortions after 18 weeks) 170
Act 700 (Requiring abortionists to be board certified or board eligible OB/GYNs) 300
Act 801 (Extending the waiting period for abortion to 72 hours) 50
Act 619 (Prohibiting abortion because the baby has Down Syndrome) 100
Total Number of Unborn Children Saved Every Year 620

It’s possible some of these laws will get tied up in court, which means we may not see their fruits for a year or two. It’s also possible our estimates are off a little. And these are not the only laws Arkansas passed this year that will help reduce the demand for abortion (see a longer list here).

However, I believe it’s safe to say the average number of abortions performed in Arkansas each year could drop by hundreds thanks to the good laws the Arkansas Legislature has passed this year.