We received word today that Planned Parenthood’s abortion facility in Fayetteville will be moving out of its current location following the landlord’s decision not to renew the facility’s lease.

The decision came on the heels of the spring 40 Days for Life campaign in Fayetteville, during which pro-life Arkansans prayed daily outside the Northwest Arkansas abortion clinic.

Shawn Carney with 40 Days for Life reports,

Planned Parenthood’s landlord in Fayetteville, Arkansas was NOT a fan of 40 Days for Life.

From baseless police calls to turning the sprinklers on vigil participants, he did whatever he could to make life difficult for 40 Days for Life volunteers.

Sheila, the local campaign leader, was frustrated and angry. But she never quit praying. “I had a prayer team dedicated to the landlord,” she said.

Slowly, things began to change. First, the landlord stunned the 40 Days for Life team when he welcomed a mobile ultrasound unit to park on the property.

And then he made the decision not to renew Planned Parenthood’s lease.

He didn’t have another tenant lined up to replace Planned Parenthood. Sheila said he simply realized that ending the lease with America’s leading abortion provider was “the right thing to do.”

The lease is scheduled to expire this summer. Sheila and her team are praying for the landlord to stand firm…and that Planned Parenthood will fail to find new space and become the next abortion facility to close after a 40 Days for Life campaign!

God answered prayers to bring transformation to Fayetteville, Arkansas.

He can do the same for your community!

This is fantastic news!

Every year hundreds of unborn babies are aborted by means of dangerous abortion drugs at Planned Parenthood’s facilities in Fayetteville and Little Rock. If Planned Parenthood stops doing abortions in Northwest Arkansas — even temporarily — that’s going to translate into lives saved.