This week the Trump Administration announced it will soon enforce a new federal rule that could cost Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, an estimated $60 million in taxpayer funding.

The administration’s new Protect Life Rule changes federal policies for organizations that receive public funding for family planning services under Title X .

For more than 20 years, abortionist like Planned Parenthood have been able to receive this federal funding, provided that they did not use the money to perform abortions.

However, we have long argued that giving groups like Planned Parenthood any federal funding at all helps subsidize their abortion business.

The Trump Administration’s new rules roll back nearly three decades of bad policy when it comes to publicly funding abortion.

The new rules will require “clear financial and physical separation between Title X-funded projects and programs or facilities where abortion is a method of family planning,” and they will eliminate policies the Clinton Administration instituted in the 1990s that required groups that receive Title X funds to provide abortion referrals.

Requiring groups to keep abortion and family planning services physically and financially separate is going to make it very difficult, if not impossible, for Planned Parenthood and similar organizations to receive taxpayer funding.

As Family Research Council and others have noted, the Protect Life Rule is similar to good, pro-life policies President Ronald Reagan’s administration implemented in the 1980s to help keep abortionists off the public dole. Those good policies were upended by the Clinton Administration, and no president since has bothered to put the policies back the way they were 30 years ago.

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