Last week an alderman from Camden withdrew a proposed ordinance that would have allowed public drinking in the city’s downtown.

Act 812 of 2019 by Sen. Trent Garner (R – El Dorado) and Rep. Sonia Barker (R – Smackover) lets cities create “entertainment districts” where alcohol can be carried and consumed publicly on streets and sidewalks.

The Camden News reports city council member James Bell withdrew the public drinking proposal at last week’s meeting, but plans to reintroduce a revised version of the ordinance at a later date, once he has worked to address concerns raised by members of the community.

Public drinking is a scourge on the community.

It raises serious concerns about drunk driving and public safety.

Public drinking won’t attract new businesses, bolster the economy, or revitalize Main Street. It hurts neighborhoods and families.

That’s why Family Council has put together a free toolkit to help citizens oppose these public drinking ordinances.

Our toolkit contains talking points, information about problems public drinking has caused in other states, photographs of public drinking districts elsewhere around the country, and other resources you can use to fight public drinking in your community.

Click here to download our free toolkit.