Last week we wrote about a woman taken by ambulance from a surgical abortion facility in Little Rock just two days after Christmas.

Family Council sent the Little Rock Ambulance Authority a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the incident.

In response we received heavily redacted 911 audio and dispatch documents.

The redactions removed virtually all information about the woman’s condition and what prompted the abortion facility to request an ambulance.

However, three bits of information stand out:

First, the documents indicate that the woman was transported to the hospital at UAMS.

Second, the dispatch documents list the woman’s priority level as a “Code 2.” This seems to suggest that the situation was urgent, but not necessarily life-threatening.

Third, at the end of the 911 call, the operator can be heard asking if there is an AED at the abortion facility.

AED is short for “automated external defibrillator,” which is a device used to check a patient’s heart rhythm. An AED can send a shock to restore a normal heartbeat. It is also used in the event of a cardiac arrest.

The fact that the dispatcher asked about the availability of an AED implies that the woman’s situation was not good.

The whole incident is strikingly similar to an apparent botched abortion at the same surgical abortion facility in 2018.

As we have had said before, abortion takes the life of an unborn child, and it carries serious health risks for women.

That’s why Arkansas has enacted a number of laws that prohibit certain abortion practices and require abortionists to give women all the facts about abortion up front — including abortion’s risks, consequences, and alternatives.

You can listen to the redacted 911 audio below, and you can read the redacted dispatch documents here.