On Tuesday Planned Parenthood’s Political Action Committee in Arkansas filed its quarterly report with the state.

The report shows the PAC received $2,490 in donations during the last quarter of 2019.

Among the donors to the PAC are state Rep. Denise Garner (D — Fayetteville) who gave the group $200 last October as well as a number of individuals primarily from Northwest Arkansas.

Planned Parenthood has pledged to spend at least $45 million on elections in 2020.

The group’s goal is to defeat President Trump, flip the U.S. Senate, maintain Democratic control of the House of Representatives, and support liberal candidates in state races.

Planned Parenthood’s Arkansas PAC raised $1,270 in September and $2,490 in October.

All told, the PAC has a war chest of about $13,573 that it could spend on political donations in Arkansas.

The fact that Planned Parenthood’s Arkansas PAC is raising money could signal that the group intends to support pro-abortion candidates in Arkansas between now and November.

You can read Planned Parenthood’s Fourth Quarter 2019 report here.