The Arkansas Lottery has a habit of relying heavily on scratch-off tickets and routinely rolls out new lottery games — some of which cost as much as $10 or $20 per ticket.

However, something that doesn’t get talked about very much is the fact that the Arkansas Lottery also routinely discontinues scratch-off tickets — some of which may still have a million dollars or more in outstanding prize money.

For example, the Arkansas Lottery quit selling its Big Multiplier scratch-off tickets on February 5 of this year. Players have until May 5 to redeem winning tickets purchased on or before February 5.

The Arkansas Lottery decided to quit selling Big Multiplier tickets despite the fact that there are more than $1.8 million worth of prizes remaining from this line of scratch-off tickets — including one jackpot ticket worth $250,000.

These winning tickets either were never sold or — if they were sold — have not been claimed yet.

In other words, by discontinuing the Big Multiplier game before all the winning scratch-off tickets were sold or redeemed, the Arkansas Lottery could avoid paying out as much as $1.8 million in prizes.

The Arkansas Lottery likewise decided to discontinue its Cash Time scratch-off ticket in February despite the fact that nearly 30% of its winning tickets were not sold or have not been redeemed yet.

All told, Family Council has identified more than a dozen lines of instant tickets that the Arkansas Lottery is in the process of discontinuing, with approximately $8.6 million in prize money unpaid from these lottery games.

As of last week, they are:

Lottery Game Total Prize Money Prize Money Remaining Percent Unawarded
Win 10X $2,655,804 $291,182 11.0%
Hit 100 $1,371,832 $299,051 21.8%
20X Payout $2,192,510 $630,196 28.7%
Cash Time $1,034,531 $298,666 28.9%
10X Payout $1,511,540 $410,931 27.2%
500 Loaded $8,865,180 $333,275 3.8%
5000 Taxes Paid $1,045,550 $209,281 20.0%
Big Multiplier $11,135,545 $1,841,335 16.5%
50K Blowout $22,698,830 $1,596,490 7.0%
Cash Multiplier $6,426,935 $763,520 11.9%
Fast Cash HD $6,194,695 $382,250 6.2%
10X Bonus Crossword $4,923,492 $219,994 4.5%
$50 or $100 $8,259,950 $174,900 2.1%
100,000 Taxes Paid $6,063,064 $557,565 9.2%
200,000 Taxes Paid $9,227,220 $601,785 6.5%

In other states, lotteries have drawn flak for discontinuing scratch-off games before selling all or most of the winning tickets.

Some have questioned whether those lotteries simply did not want to pay money for big prizes.

The Arkansas Lottery already spends more money on prizes than most lotteries.

However, many people may be surprised to learn that a state-run lottery can avoid paying prizes to players by simply cancelling lottery games before all the winning tickets are sold.