We called Rep. Mike Ross’ congressional office in Washington D.C. yesterday, and one of his staffers told us that Ross “opposes the healthcare bill in its current form.” This is great news, of course—and I know that your phone calls and e-mails have had a positive impact. But we cannot take this gain for granted.

President Obama is putting a lot of pressure on fiscally conservative Democrats. Believe it or not, they do exist. Called “Blue Dogs,” this Democratic coalition that currently holds 51 members is the president’s current target. Rep. Ross is a fairly prominent leader of the Blue Dogs, and so it’s crucial that he continues to hear your opposition to Obama’s government-run healthcare plan—which will cost an estimated $1 trillion dollars of taxpayer money. It is my opinion that Ross will respond very well to this outrageous price tag if you keep calling him.

Also, now is the time to call Sens. Lincoln and Pryor, and the rest of our congressmen. Reps. Boozman, Berry and Snyder need to hear from you. A full-vote on both healthcare bills—one from the House, the other from the Senate—is expected very soon, and they are both bad pieces of legislation. We cannot stand for a healthcare system that further subsidizes abortions, levies higher taxes and increases spending, and allows the government to control such an important aspect of our lives.

Let’s call our elected officials in Washington D.C. and let them know what we think.

Rep. Mike Ross
Ph: 202-225-3772

Rep. Marion Berry
Ph: 202-225-4076

Rep. Vic Snyder
Ph: 202-225-2506

Rep. John Boozman
Ph: 202-225-4301

Sen. Mark Pryor
Ph: 202-224-2353

Sen. Blanche Lincoln
Ph: 202-224-4843