Yesterday, Reps. Vic Snyder and Mike Ross hosted a townhall meeting on healthcare at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Blogger Jason Tolbert was there, and via his Twitter account, he provided frequent updates on the event’s happenings. One of Mr. Tolbert’s Tweets stood out to me the most.

“Both Rep. Snyder and Ross say they will oppose a bill that has taxpayer funded abortions,” wrote Tolbert.

To put it bluntly, their statements are inconsistent with their voting records.

Rep. Snyder voted NO on banning partial-birth abortion back in 2003, and he has a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America. (

While Rep. Ross voted YES on banning partial-birth abortion, he and Rep. Snyder voted NO on banning Family Planning funding in U.S. aid abroad back in 2001. With this vote alone, they both supported taxpayer funded abortions. (

Also, even though Ross ┬áis clearly more anti-abortion than Snyder, it seems to me that his mixed record on this issue speaks for itself. You’re either pro-life or you’re not–there is no in-between.

Can Reps. Snyder and Ross really be trusted when it comes to protecting the unborn?