According to KATV news, Arkansans have spent $17 million on state lottery tickets in the past seven weeks.

Lottery ticket sales have surged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lottery officials say the uptick in sales could be the result of lower gas prices, closure of the casinos during the pandemic, and simply boredom.

However, our office recently analyzed weekly sales from the Arkansas Lottery, and it appears that lottery ticket sales in Arkansas rose after Arkansans began receiving economic stimulus checks from the federal government.

In other words, there’s a very good possibility Arkansans have been spending their unemployment checks and federal stimulus money on lottery tickets.

Here are five points worth remembering about the Arkansas Lottery:

The bottom line: The Arkansas Lottery preys on the poor and desperate, and it has failed time and again to live up to its promises.

Photo Credit: Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery Billboard in Missouri by Tony Webster, on Flickr.