Yesterday we reported that Arkansas’ abortion numbers have fallen to a 43-year low, according to documents released by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Today we want to delve a little more into those numbers.

On Monday the state Health Department released three reports regarding abortion in Arkansas:

Here’s a glimpse into what these reports reveal:

  • There were 2,963 abortions performed in Arkansas last year.
  • Abortion in Arkansas has fallen to its lowest levels since 1977.
  • Most of the women who had abortions last year probably were single moms.
  • More than 500 women chose not to have abortions after receiving the informed-consent information required by state law.
  • Surgical abortion dropped to historic lows while chemical abortion (RU-486) hit an all-time high in 2019.
  • Teen abortion dropped to the lowest levels our office has on record.

Over the coming days we plan to release additional information further analyzing these reports.

In the meantime, here is something important to take away from all of this:

Abortion in Arkansas has continued to decline year after year.

Arkansas has passed excellent pro-life laws, and these reports show those laws are saving lives.

Slowly but surely we are winning the fight to protect unborn children.