On Monday the pro-life organization Americans United for Life (AUL) published the groundbreaking report Unsafe: America’s Abortion Industry Endangers Women.

The book examines conditions at abortion facilities in all 50 states — including Arkansas.

AUL writes,

Arkansas has some regulatory limitations in effect statewide, and so their response to AUL’s request for information included mostly individual physician records, the majority of which were routine documentation. Clinical inspection reports included citations for discharging patients before the 48-hour waiting period expired, failure to properly clean facilities, and failure to perform accurate drug counts of controlled substances. The record for an abortionist employed at Little Rock Family Planning Services included several citations for over prescribing opioids, including one woman who blamed her mother’s death in 1994 on the abortionist’s over-prescription. The abortionist’s record also included a 2008 DUI which he self-reported to the Arkansas Medical Board, and a patient complaint letter following an adverse event from her 2006 abortion which left her incapable of having children.

AUL’s investigation revealed abortion facilities in Arkansas were among those cited for failing to properly perform or document staff training, failing to “ensure a safe and sanitary environment for their patients,” and failing to properly handle medications.

Abortion is not safe. It kills unborn children, and it carries significant health risks for women.

This latest report simply further illustrates that fact.

You can read AUL’s full report and find out which abortion facilities in Arkansas were implicated here.