Family Council President Jerry Cox and Rep. Kendon Underwood testify in favor of H.B. 1544 before the House City, County, and Local Affairs Committee.

On Monday the House City, County, and Local Affairs Committee passed H.B. 1544 Rep. Kendon Underwood (R – Cave Springs) and Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R – Branch). The bill affirms the rights of cities and towns across Arkansas to declare themselves pro-life.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that cities can pass pro-life resolutions. H.B. 1544 affirms that right and helps outline how a city in Arkansas can exercise its right to declare itself pro-life.

The bill passed 12 to 6 in committee Monday. It now goes to the entire Arkansas House of Representatives.

Below is a breakdown of the committee vote on H.B. 1544.

Voted For H.B. 1544

  • Rep. Mike Holcomb
  • Rep. Frances Cavenaugh
  • Rep. Johnny Rye
  • Rep. Keith Slape
  • Rep. Richard McGrew
  • Rep. David Tollett
  • Rep. Howard Beaty
  • Rep. Delia Haak
  • Rep. John Carr
  • Rep. Kendon Underwood
  • Rep. Joshua Paul Bryant
  • Rep. Lanny Fite

Voted Against H.B. 1544

  • Rep. Mark Perry
  • Rep. Jamie Scott
  • Rep. Megan Godfrey
  • Rep. Andrew Collins
  • Rep. Tippi McCullough
  • Rep. Milton Nicks

Did Not Vote

  • Rep. Carol Dalby
  • Rep. Les Warren