Sen. Gilmore presents S.B. 527 to the Arkansas Senate.

On Monday the Arkansas Senate passed S.B. 527 by a vote of 28 to five.

This good bill by Sen. Ben Gilmore (R – Crossett) and Rep. Mary Bentley (R – Perryville) requires abortion facilities to have transfer agreements with hospitals, and it fixes a flawed definition in a pro-life law passed in 2019.

S.B. 527 is similar to a Kentucky law that survived a legal challenge.

This is a good bill that will help protect women who are victims of botched abortions. Abortion carries a number of serious risks — including risk of laceration, hemorrhaging, and death.

Legislation like S.B. 527 helps protect women in the event of complications from a dangerous abortion procedure.

The bill now goes to the Arkansas House of Representatives for consideration.

Below is a breakdown of the vote on S.B. 527.

The Following Senators Voted FOR S.B. 527

  • B. Ballinger
  • Beckham
  • Bledsoe
  • Caldwell
  • A. Clark
  • B. Davis
  • J. Dismang
  • L. Eads
  • Flippo
  • T. Garner
  • Gilmore
  • K. Hammer
  • J. Hendren
  • Hester
  • Hickey
  • Hill
  • Irvin
  • M. Johnson
  • B. Johnson
  • M. Pitsch
  • Rapert
  • Rice
  • B. Sample
  • G. Stubblefield
  • J. Sturch
  • D. Sullivan
  • Teague
  • D. Wallace

The Following Senators Voted AGAINST S.B. 527

  • L. Chesterfield
  • Elliott
  • K. Ingram
  • G. Leding
  • C. Tucker

The Following Senator Did Not Vote

  • J. English

The Following Senator Was Excused From the Chamber

  • S. Flowers