In April, the Arkansas Legislature passed Act 902 establishing a Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students.

This good law by Sen. Ricky Hill (R – Cabot), and Rep. Cameron Cooper (R – Romance) directs the Governor to annually proclaim the last Wednesday in September of each year as “A Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students,” and it calls upon the citizens of Arkansas to pray for students, teachers, administrators, and schools.

This year’s Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students is on Wednesday, September 29, and will be observed statewide.

Many communities may be unaware of this new law. Here are some ways you can spread the word and make the day a success:

  • Tell your pastor about this new law and encourage your church leadership to spread the word at your church, and set up a time to pray. You can read Act 902 of 2021 here.
  • Be sure the youth pastor at your church knows about this. Encourage the youth of your church to set aside a time to pray on September 29.
  • Announce this in your Sunday school class or other church group you are a part of and take time to pray.
  • Notify your school board, school superintendent, principal, or teachers that your church or group will be praying for students. Ask if they have any special prayer requests. Let them know about this new law.
  • Set aside a time to pray for students in your church. You may want to invite them to a special time of prayer.
  • If your school has any Christian clubs such as FCA, notify the faculty sponsor or members of the group about the new law and encourage them to set aside a time of prayer at school on Wednesday, September 29.
  • Remember to pray for students in private school and those enrolled in a home school.
  • Promote this new law on social media using hashtags: ARDayofPrayerForStudents, #ARPrayerForStudents ARPrayerForSchools, #ARStudentPrayer.
  • Take photographs of prayer gatherings and post them online.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash