Since Sunday, communities in Arkansas have unveiled three new pro-life Safe Haven Baby Boxes — meaning Arkansas now has a total of eight Safe Haven Baby Boxes statewide.

Arkansas’ Safe Haven Act of 2001 lets a woman surrender her newborn baby to law enforcement, medical personnel, and first responders. The law gives women with unplanned pregnancies an option besides abortion.

Similar laws are on the books in all 50 states.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes installed at fire stations let women surrender an infant safely and anonymously using a specialized, hospital-grade bassinet designed to keep the baby secure while a silent alarm notifies first responders inside the fire station that the baby is there.

On Sunday pro-lifers blessed Arkansas’ sixth Safe Haven Baby Box at Maumelle’s Fire Station 1.

The seventh box was installed on Monday at Fire Station 11 in Fort Smith.

And an eighth box was unveiled Tuesday morning at Fire Station 2 in El Dorado.

Since June of 2019, Arkansas Right to Life has promoted Arkansas’ Safe Haven Act and the Safe Haven Baby Boxes through a billboard campaign.

So far, billboards have been placed in 23 counties across Arkansas. Right to Life’s goal is to place billboards in all 75 counties in the state.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes are amazing pieces of pro-life technology. It’s good to see communities continue to install them in Arkansans.