Last week authorities in Oregon seized 37,000 marijuana plants and some 3,000 pounds of processed marijuana at a single, illegal marijuana farm.

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office in southwest Oregon issued a statement, saying that from September 6 – 8 law enforcement executed search warrants at the marijuana farm, resulting in two arrests.

In a press release, the sheriff’s office said, “During the execution of the warrants more than 37,000 growing marijuana plants were seized and destroyed along with approximately 3,000 pounds of processed marijuana. Multiple firearms were also seized.”

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office reportedly seized 2,700 plants and 90,000 pounds of processed marijuana at a different illegal grow site the week before.

Illegal marijuana farms reportedly have inundated Oregon despite the state’s decision to legalize “recreational” marijuana.

Oregon isn’t the only state where illicit marijuana continues to thrive despite legalization.

Last week NBC News reported that illegal marijuana farms continue to be a serious problem in California.

The article’s authors note that California legalized so-called “recreational marijuana” to weaken drug cartels’ influence, but that has not worked as expected.

And in 2020 law enforcement in Colorado reportedly seized more than five and a half tons of illicit marijuana intended for the black market.

Legalizing marijuana does not decrease drug-related crime, and it does not alleviate drug problems. If anything, it seems to make those problems worse.