Above: In this file photo, authorities seize marijuana from an illegal cultivation facility in southern Oregon (Photo Credit: YouTube).

Evidence continues to emerge that legalizing marijuana simply fuels crime and drug problems.

Oregon was one of the first states in the U.S. to legalize marijuana.

But last week the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon seized approximately one ton of processed marijuana along with nearly 13,000 marijuana plants at two different illegal grow sites.

This same county sheriff confiscated 37,000 plants and 1.5 tons of illicit marijuana at an illegal grow site earlier this month.

Public statements show this one sheriff’s office in Oregon has seized several tons of illegal marijuana this year alone.

Illegal marijuana farms reportedly have inundated Oregon, California, and Colorado despite the decision to legalize so-called “recreational” marijuana in those states.

According to news reports, Oregon has been inundated with illegal marijuana farms “run and controlled by multinational criminal organizations” — in other words, drug cartels and organized crime — tied to human trafficking, theft, and violence.

California created a legal framework for growing and selling marijuana in order to weaken drug cartels’ power in the state, but instead their illegal marijuana farms have grown.

Colorado was the first state to start selling recreational marijuana, but on 2020 law enforcement seized more than five and a half tons of illicit marijuana in Colorado intended for the black market.

Legalizing marijuana simply creates more drug problems. Contrary to popular belief, legalization does not decrease drug-related crime, and it does not alleviate drug abuse. If anything, it seems to make those problems worse.

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