A new video ad in Arkansas highlights the problems that states encounter when they legalize marijuana.

The ad by Safe and Secure Communities points out that marijuana-related traffic deaths have doubled in communities where marijuana is legal and that youth drug use has skyrocketed.

The ad urges Arkansans to vote No on Issue 4.

As we have written before, legalizing marijuana does not appear to reduce drug crime.

If anything, illicit drugs — including illegal marijuana — appear to be a bigger problem in states where marijuana has been legalized.

Issue 4 — the proposed marijuana amendment — makes sweeping changes to Arkansas’ constitution and state laws.

It repeals, replaces, and rewrites several parts of Arkansas’ medical marijuana amendment that voters passed in 2016, it adds new language to other parts of the Arkansas Constitution, and it drastically expands marijuana in every community in Arkansas.

It is unclear just how far-reaching some of these changes may be.

Watch the video from Safe and Secure Communities below.