The following is a press release from Family Council Action Committee.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On Monday, October 24th, a coalition of 64 legislators from the Arkansas House of Representatives issued a statement opposing Issue 4, the amendment to legalize marijuana in Arkansas.

In the statement, lawmakers said, “As your elected representatives, we want voters to understand that Issue 4, the recreational marijuana amendment, represents the kind of political cronyism that frustrates Arkansans.

Issue 4 actually creates a marijuana monopoly for a small group of investors in our state constitution, and it ties the hands of your state legislators when it comes to regulating marijuana businesses.

Drug policy should not be made by marijuana industry insiders looking to profit off of Arkansans. Drug policy should be made by the voters and their elected representatives. We encourage our constituents to VOTE NO on Issue 4.”

Family Council Action Committee Executive Director Jerry Cox praised Arkansas’ legislators for taking a stand against Issue 4, saying, “The marijuana industry is trying to get around Arkansas’ elected leaders by spending millions of dollars to put a misleading amendment on the 2022 ballot. There is no way a measure this poorly written would pass at the Capitol Building in Little Rock. Under Issue 4, Arkansas arguably would have the least regulated cannabis industry in America. Lawmakers and city councils would be powerless to tax or regulate marijuana, and the companies who grow and sell marijuana would have a monopoly on the industry. Arkansas’ elected leaders understand how dangerous Issue 4 is. Voters need to understand that as well when they head to the polls this year.”

A list of the state legislators who signed Monday’s statement is below.

  • Sonia Eubanks Barker
  • Rick Beck
  • Mark H. Berry
  • Stan Berry
  • Justin Boyd
  • Ken Bragg
  • Harlan Breaux
  • Keith Brooks
  • Karilyn Brown
  • John Carr
  • Frances Cavenaugh
  • Craig Christiansen
  • Joe Cloud
  • Bruce Coleman
  • Cameron Cooper
  • Bruce Cozart
  • Carol Dalby
  • Gary Deffenbaugh
  • Jim Dotson
  • Les Eaves
  • Jon Eubanks
  • Brian Evans
  • Charlene Fite
  • Lanny Fite
  • Jack Fortner
  • Tony Furman
  • Jimmy Gazaway
  • Justin Gonzales
  • Michelle Gray
  • Delia Haak
  • Steve Hollowell
  • Lane Jean
  • Lee Johnson
  • Jack Ladyman
  • Mark Lowery
  • Robin Lundstrum
  • Roger Lynch
  • John Maddox
  • Julie Mayberry
  • Rick McClure
  • Austin McCollum
  • Mark McElroy
  • Richard McGrew
  • Ron McNair
  • Stephen Meeks
  • Josh Miller
  • Jon Milligan
  • John Payton
  • Aaron Pilkington
  • David Ray
  • Marcus Richmond
  • Johnny Rye
  • Matthew Shephard
  • Keith Slape
  • Brandt Smith
  • Stu Smith
  • Dwight Tosh
  • Nelda Speaks
  • DeAnn Vaught
  • Danny Watson
  • Carlton Wing
  • Richard Womack
  • Jim Wooten