Above: Rep. Mary Bentley presents S.B. 43 in the Arkansas House of Representatives on Monday, February 6.

On Monday the Arkansas House of Representatives passed a measure to protect children from adult performances.

S.B. 43 by Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R – Branch) and Rep. Mary Bentley (R – Perryville) prohibits adult-oriented performances on public property, with public funding, or in view of minors.

The bill defines “adult-oriented performance” as a sexual performance that includes nudity, sexual activities, or exposure of specific body parts. The bill also contains language about exposure of prosthetic private parts to protect children from explicit drag performances.

S.B. 43 previously prohibited drag performances on public property or in view of children. It was amended in the House committee last week to apply more broadly to sexual performances and to prohibit public funding of those performances.

The bill now goes to the Arkansas Senate for consideration.

You Can Read S.B. 43 Here.