Above: Sen. Gary Stubblefield presents S.B. 43 in the Arkansas Senate.

On Tuesday the Arkansas Senate overwhelmingly passed a measure protecting children from drag shows.

S.B. 43 by Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R – Branch) and Rep. Mary Bentley (R – Perryville) clarifies that drag shows are a type of adult performance under Arkansas law, and it prohibits adult performances on public property or in view of children.

We have written repeatedly over the past few years about how public schoolscolleges, and libraries in Arkansas have scheduled drag performances — including performances intended for children.

Some of these events have been canceled following public backlash.

At public libraries in particular there has been a push to let men dressed in hyper-sexualized, female costumes read books to children. In some parts of the country events like these have exposed children and families to sexual predators.

On Tuesday the Arkansas Senate passed S.B. 43 by a vote of 29 to six.

Drag shows should not take place on public property or anywhere near children. S.B. 43 will protect children from these performances.

The bill now goes to the Arkansas House of Representatives for consideration.

The Following Senators Voted FOR S.B. 43

  • J. Boyd
  • J. Bryant
  • Caldwell
  • A. Clark
  • Crowell
  • B. Davis
  • Dees
  • J. Dismang
  • J. Dotson
  • J. English
  • Flippo
  • Gilmore
  • K. Hammer
  • Hester
  • Hickey
  • Hill
  • Irvin
  • B. Johnson
  • M. Johnson
  • B. King
  • M. McKee
  • J. Payton
  • C. Penzo
  • J. Petty
  • Rice
  • M. Stone
  • G. Stubblefield
  • D. Sullivan
  • D. Wallace

The Following Senators Voted AGAINST S.B. 43

  • L. Chesterfield
  • S. Flowers
  • G. Leding
  • F. Love
  • R. Murdock
  • C. Tucker