Above: Public libraries around the country have hosted Drag Queen Story Times and similar drag events like this one. These events are inappropriate and have rightly drawn criticism from parents and individuals concerned about child welfare. | Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot.

The Fayetteville Public Library’s website indicates that the library has canceled a back-to-school event slated to include drag performances directed at children.

News outlets reported last week that the August 7 event at the public library would let middle and high school students select clothing from The Transition Closet, and it would also host a “Back To School Dance Party” where students would be able to watch drag performances.

The Fayetteville Public Library also posted on social media that the event would offer “name change info” and gender support plans for students.

It’s good to see this event has been canceled.

As we have written before, LGBT activists use events like these at public libraries to foist their message on kids.

In some cases, children have been exposed to convicted sex-offenders through drag performances at public libraries.

These types of events are not appropriate for children — and certainly not in a public library.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot.

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