On July 12, three Arkansas residents filed a class action complaint in federal court in Little Rock against a group of medical marijuana cultivators and a marijuana testing company.

The complaint alleges that Natural State Medicinals (NSMC-OPCO LLC), Bold Team LLC, and Osage Creek Cultivation falsely labeled the marijuana they cultivated by overstating the amount of THC in their marijuana products.

The complaint also alleges that Steep Hill — a marijuana testing company — “routinely overstates the amount of THC in its [marijuana] flower” that it tests.

Arkansas’ medical marijuana amendment requires marijuana sold in the state to be tested. The complaint alleges that the defendants conspired to falsify the marijuana lab results.

The suit was filed under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, a federal anti-racketeering law, and it requests a trial by jury in the case.

In 2018 the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission authorized Natural State Medicinals, Bold Team LLC, and Osage Creek Cultivation to grow marijuana in Arkansas.

According to reports filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission, Bold Team LLC and Osage Creek Cultivators have donated $700,000 each toward the campaign to legalize marijuana in Arkansas. Natural State Medicinals has donated $350,000.

Read the Class Action RICO Complaint Here.