According to a recent study from the Institute for Family Studies, “On average, early-marrieds enjoy slightly higher marital quality than later-marrieds” on metrics like “relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, teamwork, and communication.” 

Women who marry early, for example, reported an 11% lead in sexual satisfaction over those who marry later in life. For men, the gap is even bigger, at 14%. This supports findings from another IFS study that, “spouses who have only had sex with their current spouse have the highest levels of sexual satisfaction in their marriage.”  

These findings counter widespread cultural assumptions that couples should be sure of “compatibility” and that sexual autonomy and so-called “sexual freedom” is the path to personal happiness. God gave marriage to the world as a gift, as the best context for sex, and as a real-life sign of His love for His people.  

We shouldn’t be surprised when His way actually works.

Copyright 2023 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Reprinted from with permission.