Arkansans for Limited Government reportedly is making a third attempt at placing its pro-abortion amendment on the 2024 ballot in Arkansas.

In Arkansas, the attorney general’s office reviews the titles and language of ballot initiatives to ensure the measure’s wording is not misleading or ambiguous. Once approved, the measure’s sponsors can begin collecting petition signatures to place it on the ballot.

Attorney General Griffin’s team has previously rejected two versions of the proposed abortion amendment, citing flaws in the measure’s text.

If passed, this amendment would write abortion into the Arkansas Constitution and erase decades of good, pro-life laws. Public opinion polling in Arkansas has shown time and again that Arkansans do not support abortion on demand.

Family Council has worked for nearly 35 years to promote and protect the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life in Arkansas. This amendment would place women and unborn children at risk. We are firmly committed to stopping abortion in our state.