Arkansas Right to Life has launched a “Decline to Sign” campaign against the proposed Arkansas Abortion Amendment of 2024.

The amendment would write abortion into the Arkansas Constitution and legalize an estimated 3,000 abortions in Arkansas every year.

Supporters of the amendment have until July 5 to collect 90,704 valid petition signatures to place the measure on the ballot.

Arkansas Right to Life is urging voters to politely decline if asked to sign the petition.

In a statement on its website, Arkansas Right to Life writes,

The Arkansas Abortion Amendment would enshrine abortion in Arkansas’ Constitution and gut Amendment 68 which says it’s the policy of the state of Arkansas to protect unborn babies from conception until birth.

Besides that, it could wipe out all Arkansas laws that protect women ensure clinic inspections, licensing, and safety when it comes to abortion, and prevent parents from knowing about or being involved in their minor child’s secret abortion. There could be no law protecting unborn babies capable of feeling pain from being tortured to death by dismemberment or dying from neglect if they survived an abortion.

We urgently request your help by joining the DECLINE TO SIGN campaign! We are unwavering in our commitment to fight against this deceitful abortion amendment and will utilize every pro-life resource to ensure its defeat, but we need your help!

Arkansas Right to Life also offers free materials voters can use as they decline to sign the petition.

You can find more information here.