On Friday Arkansas Congressmen French Hill (R — 02) and Bruce Westerman (R — 04) joined 143 other members of Congress in an amicus brief opposing dangerous abortion drugs before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin also joined a separate amicus brief in the case.

The briefs are part of two lawsuits over the FDA’s decision to approve the abortion drug mifepristone, also known as RU-486, and to eliminate safety protocols and standards for the drug. The two lawsuits have been consolidated into a single case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Family Council joined a separate amicus brief in the case last Friday as well.

Congressman Westerman also recently joined an amicus brief in a different U.S. Supreme Court case opposing the Biden Administration’s efforts to force hospitals and emergency rooms to perform abortions.

Friday’s amicus briefs argue:

  • The FDA has subverted patient safeguards concerning RU-486;
  • Chemical abortion drugs like RU-486 carry significant risks for women and girls;
  • The FDA has endangered patient health and safety;
  • The FDA has permitted mail-order chemical abortion drugs in violation of federal law; and
  • The FDA’s actions push constitutional boundaries.

When the FDA first approved RU-486 in 2000, a woman seeking a drug-induced abortion was required to visit the doctor three times.

By 2016 that number was reduced from three doctor visits to one doctor visit.

In 2021, the FDA removed the in-person visit with a doctor altogether — making it possible to obtain RU-486 through the mail without a medical examination or an ultrasound.

Over the years our state legislators have enacted various laws preventing abortion drugs from being delivered by mail in Arkansas and requiring abortionists to follow basic health and safety standards for abortion drugs.

The FDA and the Biden Administration have taken steps at the federal level that threaten to undermine good, pro-life laws like these. This U.S. Supreme Court case pushes back against abortion drugs and federal abortion policies.

It is good to see Arkansas’ congressmen and attorney general joining with their colleagues to take a pro-life stand in federal court.

You Can Read The Congressmen’s Amicus Brief Here.

You Can Read The A.G.’s Amicus Brief Here.

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