Last week former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton endorsed a proposal to write abortion into the Arkansas Constitution.

Arkansans for Limited Government is working to place the Arkansas Abortion Amendment on the November ballot.

The measure would write abortion into the state constitution, and it would prevent the Arkansas Legislature from restricting abortion during the first five months of pregnancy — allowing thousands of elective abortions every year and paving the way for taxpayer-funded abortions in Arkansas.

On Friday Hillary Clinton issued statements on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook asking people to support the Arkansas Abortion Amendment. Clinton’s statement said,

People everywhere deserve the ability to make deeply personal decisions about their health for themselves.

Today, you can help women in Arkansas exercise their reproductive rights by supporting the Arkansas Abortion Amendment.

Join me in standing with them.

Clinton’s endorsement comes as opposition to the amendment continues to swell in Arkansas.

Abortion supporters have until July 5 to collect the nearly 91,000 petition signatures necessary to place their measures on the ballot.

You can download a copy of the abortion amendment here.

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