On Monday the pro-LGBT organization Out Leadership released a report claiming Arkansas set “the lowest score ever recorded” in its 2024 State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index.

Out Leadership is a pro-LGBT organization whose goal is to “harness the power of business to advocate for equality.” The group leverages multimillion dollar corporations to promote its pro-LGBT ideology.

Monday’s report took issue with different laws and policies that states like Arkansas have passed — including laws protecting children from sex-change procedures and preserving fairness in women’s sports.

In a statement, Out Leadership said, “There is no more room for neutrality” on LGBT issues.

The truth is sex-change surgeries and procedures can leave children sterilized and scarred for life.

Researchers do not know all the long-term effects these procedures can have on children, but a growing body of scientific evidence shows children should not be subjected to sex-change procedures, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones. That is why a growing number of states protect children from these procedures.

We have written repeatedly about how women’s athletics is at risk of being erased in America.

In particular, female cyclists, swimmerspowerlifterssprinters, and others have seen their sports radically changed by biological males who identify and compete as women.

Letting men compete in women’s sports reverses 50 years of advancements for women. In some sports, it can even be dangerous.

Medical experts and everyday Americans increasingly agree that children need to be protected from sex-change procedures and that we need to preserve fairness in women’s sports. Unfortunately, there are still powerful, corporate interests who simply do not agree.

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