Authorities in Arkansas continue to seize black market marijuana originating from out of state.

On Monday, the Arkansas State Police announced troopers had confiscated hundreds of pounds of illegal marijuana and THC over the course of traffic stops in June and July.

The press release indicated the drugs largely originated from outside of Arkansas.

We have written repeatedly about how marijuana’s legalization in other states has actually fueled the black market rather than weakening it.

Despite California’s decision to legalize marijuana, the state’s Unified Cannabis Enforcement Taskforce seized nearly 32,000 pounds of illegal marijuana in the first three months of 2024.

Oregon has been flooded by illegal marijuana operations controlled by organized crime and drug cartels. Some of these marijuana operations are tied to labor trafficking and violent crime.

Oklahoma authorities describe illicit marijuana as a problem that “plagues” their state.

The list goes on.

Right now the group Arkansans for Patient Access is actively working to drastically expand marijuana in Arkansas.

If passed, the amendment would give free marijuana cards to immigrants and out-of-state residents who come to Arkansas to use marijuana.

The amendment would guarantee marijuana growers and sellers a monopoly over the state’s marijuana industry.

Marijuana users would no longer need to show they suffer from a specific medical condition listed in state law — making it easier to use marijuana recreationally.

The measure also fails to limit the amount of THC that marijuana products can contain, and it repeals restrictions on marijuana advertising.

All of this would lead to more marijuana in the state.

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