Dr. Eugene Smith, Chairman of the Arkansas Physicians Resource Council, and I spent an hour yesterday talking with Sen. Mark Pryor about health care reform. The meeting was very productive.

I asked Sen. Pryor what I should tell people about his position regarding the current debate over health care. He said, “Tell them to be patient with me.” Holding out hope for a bi-partisan bill to emerge, Sen. Pryor expects two bills, one from the Senate Health Committee and another from the Senate Finance Committee to be merged into one health care reform bill sometime in late September. At that point he expects there to be about a week for this final bill to be evaluated before a Senate vote is taken.

In the meantime, Sen. Pryor asked us to provide him with positive suggestions regarding health care reform. Dr. Smith and the Arkansas Physicians Resource Council will be compiling a list of positive ways to improve health care without losing what’s good about our current system and without raising taxes.

The Arkansas Physicians Resource Council, a division of Family Council, is a state-wide network of Christian physicians across the state of Arkansas that promotes, protects, and strengthens, traditional family values. Let me know your thoughts on health care reform so I can pass them on to the Arkansas Physicians Resource Council and to Sen. Pryor.

Leave us a comment below or send an e-mail to: info@familycouncil.org


  1. Jjoe

    I consider lack of public health care for all citizens like abortion. In both cases children die because it is cheaper and more convenient.

    Our child mortality rate is shameful. The following data is from the US CIA. It is the number of deaths of children under one year old, per thousand live births. All of this cannot be explained away by diet, exercise, education, etc.

    United States 6.26
    Cuba 5.82
    European Union 5.72
    Italy 5.51
    Isle of Man 5.37
    Taiwan 5.35
    San Marino 5.34
    Greece 5.16
    Ireland 5.05
    Canada 5.04
    Wallis and Futuna 5.02
    Monaco 5.00
    New Zealand 4.92
    United Kingdom 4.85
    Gibraltar 4.83
    Portugal 4.78
    Australia 4.75
    Jersey 4.73
    Netherlands 4.73
    Luxembourg 4.56
    Guernsey 4.47
    Belgium 4.44
    Austria 4.42
    Denmark 4.34
    Korea, South 4.26
    Liechtenstein 4.25
    Slovenia 4.25
    Israel 4.22
    Spain 4.21
    Switzerland 4.18
    Germany 3.99
    Czech Republic 3.79
    Andorra 3.76
    Malta 3.75
    Norway 3.58
    Anguilla 3.52
    Finland 3.47
    France 3.33
    Iceland 3.23
    Macau 3.22
    Hong Kong 2.92
    Japan 2.79
    Sweden 2.75
    Bermuda 2.46
    Singapore 2.31

    This is a pro-life Christian issue that is ignored by many mainline Christians.

  2. Nate Parker

    i agree with jjoe. my heart goes out to children of the poor. If we discard the typical politics as usual its actually pretty simple, though i want to know more about how we afford it. I think we as Christians should stand together and demand this for millions of innocent children. Pro-life!

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