A bill known as “the Blunt Amendment” would have helped protect people’s religious liberties in the face of the HHS mandate requiring they purchase contraception coverage under Obamacare. Yesterday, Arkansas’ Senator Mark Pryor voted to kill the amendment.

I’m sure Senator Pryor is friends with some very devout Catholics. Senator Pryor and I have both sent sons to the same Catholic high school in Little Rock. I wonder what Father Tribou, Little Rock Catholic High School’s legendary school principal, would have to say, were he alive to learn the father of one of his students, a U.S. Senator, voted against something intended to protect religious liberty; given the fact that Father Tribou often stated his opinion very frankly to President Clinton, I’m sure he would want to speak with Senator Pryor about this matter.

Please call Senator Pryor’s office and express your concern over his unwillingness to stand up for Americans’ religious liberties. His office phone numbers are (501) 324-6336 (Little Rock) and (202) 224-2353 (Washington, D.C.).

Thank Senator Boozman

When you’re done talking to Senator Pryor, you can also call and thank Senator John Boozman for supporting the Blunt Amendment in yesterday’s vote. His phone numbers are (501) 372-7153 and (202) 224-4843.