We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on pro-life legislation that Arkansas needs. Our last entry in the series is about a bill by Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Bigelow)—legislation that literally goes to the heart of the issue.

Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Bigelow) introduced SB843, a unique pro-life bill similar to “informed consent” laws currently enacted in many states. It is vital that abortion providers—as much as they don’t want to—provide all the information pregnant women need regarding abortion. Sen. Rapert’s bill would have required abortion clinics to inform pregnant women that their unborn child has a heartbeat. As you know, when pregnant women are adequately informed about abortion, they’re less likely to get one. Informing them that the baby’s heartbeat is present would further prove that the unborn child is a human being, and hopefully keep abortion from taking place.