House Majority Leader Steve Harrelson (D-Texarkana) is a pioneer of the Arkansas blogosphere.

His blog, Under the Dome, reached a milestone when launched—becoming the first blog by a sitting legislator from inside the Arkansas Capitol Building. While readers should take note that the blog is partisan, Rep. Harrelson has made Under the Dome a valuable resource for the media and citizens alike wanting to know more about the legislative process.

During the session, Harrelson provides frequent updates on important bills from committee meetings and the House Chamber, and also sees to it that other events of interest in state government don’t go unnoticed. For example, if a new candidate emerges to run for office or a political race is heating up, there’s a good chance he’ll write about it. That means you’ll also take a front seat to Harrelson’s own campaign, complete with photos and other updates from the trail.

There’s really no telling what you might find on Under the Dome next. Harrelson has even been known to provide commentary on sports and weather–especially if it’s Arkansas-related. Most of our readers should be able to appreciate his homegrown angle, as well as the blog’s easy-to-read layout. You’ll find out pretty quickly why his blog set a standard for the Arkansas blogosphere.

Even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye, Under the Dome is a great resource and is updated regularly, so you’ll want to check it out often. Visit Rep. Harrelson’s blog by clicking here.

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