Call Senator Lincoln in next 48 hours. Ask her to vote against the pending health care bill.

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  1. Thom

    1.) Is the argument against a government health care system a religious argument or a political argument? (In other words, is this about not wanting the government to help the infirmed; or is this about tax dollars and not wanting to “grow the government”?)

    2.) A lack of access to health care often leads to death; thus, access to health care is an issue of life. Is it a contradiction to be “pro-life” and against health care reform, which presumably makes health care more accessible. Or, must “pro-lifers” worry only about death by abortion and not death by medical malpractice, medical neglect, or lack of medical access? (And by extension, if a Christian pro-lifer can petition the government to stop abortions through legislation, should a Christian pro-lifer petition the government to offer viable health care services through legislation and/or agency?)

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